Negev BioProducts is a privately owned distributor of lab equipment and specialty products providing innovative research scientific solutions. We are committed to the highest standard of product quality and professional support services and believe it will be rewarded with your trust. We serve the life science community in its entirety, including: research institutes, industrial companies, universities, hospitals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies.

Negev BioProducts represents well-known international brands and supplies an extensive product portfolio of digital microscopes, eyepiece cameras, and optical microscopes as well as DNA/ RNA purification kits which include solutions for molecular diagnostic sample preparation and automated purification system. We provide bioactive small molecules designed to facilitate all types of life science research. We actively mediate and manage contracts of medicinal chemistry synthesis services and chemical library synthesis services.

Our customers can be assured that we will do our utmost to develop positive long term customer relationships based on reliability, transparent communication, high standards of product quality and customer services along with a Professional and practical approach to ensure your satisfaction.

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