A Little Something bout Us

About us

Negev Bioproducts is a privately owned distributor of specialty products and scientific research solutions based on the most advanced technologies. Our products are used by universities, hospitals, research institutes, biopharmaceuticals companies, and the biotechnology research community.

Our added Value

Since multistep organic synthesis projects often take time, schedules are set in advance after being though with the customer and mutually understood. Throughout the entire process, the point where one phase ends and the next begins, is clear to all. This approach will be maintained until the receiving of the end product, which is a result of careful and meticulous planning

Our areas of focus

The company focused on nucleic acids purification and molecular diagnostics solutions through manual and automated sample preparation facilities and on medicinal chemistry that covers the chemistry needs of drug discovery research, custom organic synthesis projects, and bioactive small molecules. We provide high quality of digital and optical microscopes for various applications in the fields of life science, education, gemology, electronic components, and industrial applications.

Solutions that best fit your needs

We are dedicated to offering the highest standards of product quality and an added value of professional solutions to meet your needs perfectly. We are committed to delivering high-grade trustworthy services and providing professional application support to ensure your satisfaction. We offer you the best service and support, on time, every time.