Many specialized applications in science, forensics, industry, engineering or in the medical field, require special lighting. For many specific applications Dino-Lite models were designed with an ultraviolet lighting, infrared lighting, fluorescent lighting or even combinations between the different lighting types.The widely acclaimed series of Dino-Lite fluorescence microscopes are considered to be the world's smallest fluorescence microscopes. Compared to the traditional fluorescence microscop. . .(Read More)

Model: AM4115TW-GFBW-EDGE, AM4113T-GFBW, AM4113T4-GFBW

The AM4115TW-GFBW features a new edge series sensor and superior optics, macro zoom design, and 480nm (blue) excitation light with a 510nm emission filter for observing green fluorescence in life-size objects, such as biological samples (e.g. mice, leaves, zebra fish). This model supports . . .(Read More)

Model: AM4115T-DFRW-EDGE, AM4113T-DFYW

The AM4115T-DFRW- Dino-Lite Edge series digital microscope, features superior optics for deep red fluorescence detection above 650nm, as excited by its 620nm (orange) LED lights. This model has a wide magnification range (20x~220x) which allows both macro and micro observations of the same sp. . .(Read More)

Model: AM4113T-YFGW

The AM4113T-YFGW digital microscope is characterized by 1.3 megapixel sensor, magnification range 10x ~ 60x, 200x, scroll lock feature for assuring desired set magnification and focus distance. This model uses high intensity green LEDs for its excitation light source with a 570nm emission fi. . .(Read More)

Model: AM4113T-CFVW

The Dino-Lite AM4113T-CFVW digital microscope is optimized for research and viewing fluorescent objects by using near UV excitation LEDs. It has a high-pass type 430nm emission filter designed to observe a wide range of fluorescence for applications related to developmental biology, pathology. . .(Read More)

Model: AM3713TB

The Dino-Lite Premier AM3713TB provides a stroboscopic light feature and takes perfect pictures by reducing motion blur, even under higher magnification. The strobomicroscope technology enables the user to capture fast moving objects in a very easy and convenient manner. It can be used for di. . .(Read More)

Model: AM4113T-FVW/ AM4113T-FV2W

Models AD4113T-FVW (390-400nm) and AM4113T-FV2W (375nm) provide white and a led lighting ultraviolet in a single device. These models filter out the returning UV light so that an image with natural colors can be obtained. The new enhanced UV filtering system provides improved fluorescence con. . .(Read More)

Model: AD413T-I2V (Near IR+UV)

The AD413T-I2V features both IR (~940nm) and UV (~395nm) LED lighting in a single device. Multiple lighting options provide the ability to view magnified objects under normal external lighting sources such as white light, near IR, or UV lighting by simply switching from one phase to the other. . .(Read More)

Model: AM413FIT/ AM413FI2T (Near IR)

The AM413FIT has a special lighting with LED's emitting IR light around the 850 nm spectrum. The AM413FIT views and records images at 1.3 megapixels, which enables to view objects with outstanding image quality. This model is applicable in a broad magnification range, depending on the distanc. . .(Read More)