The Dino-Lite Mobile is a combination of the Dino-Lite digital microscope with the new D15 portable recorder with 5" LCD screen. The tethered design allows the microscope to locate independently from the display, provided more flexible approach than other products on the market.The product Supplied with a rugged carry case, and AV out cable, allowing images to be viewed on a larger screen for even more detailed review. The latest computer free, ultra-portable, inspection solution for Dino-Lite.

Model: AMK4012T

The AMK4012T-D15 is a combination between the Standard Working Distance Dino-Lite Microscope and the new D15 Portable Digital Recorder with 5" LCD screen.The D15 recorder has a 5 inch LCD panel allows pictures and video to be recorded to SD card (4GB card included). An AV out cable is connect. . .(Read More)