Based on proven Dino-Lite technology the Dino-Lite Medical range comprises models for Dermoscopy, Audiology, Trichology, and Chiropody. Inspection of the ears, mouth, eyes, and skin. There is a handheld Dino-Lite handheld model capable for each. Powered by a single USB connection (no batteries or chargers required) all Dino-Lite medical models provide built-in illumination (with optional polarization) and allow both still images and video to be captured and stored using the supplied software. A. . .(Read More)

Model: MEDL4DW

The Dino-Lite DermaScope is an easy to use digital microscope that can obtain high quality close-up images and video of the skin. This product is most suitable for the type of application it designed to perform, due to the macro lens that is common for this application.The DermaScope can atta. . .(Read More)

Model: MEDL4E

The Dino-Lite EarScope is a digital otoscope intended to general practice in audiology and for ear, nose and throat specialists. The inspection and photography are easily performed while using the EarScope. Ear problems such as inflammation, clogging by accumulated ear wax or the presence of . . .(Read More)

Model: MEDL4N5

The CapillaryScope is a special version intended for the inspection of microcirculation (microcapillar function) under nails. Using the CapillaryScope, changes in blood vessels such as decrease in capillaries, knot formation and bleeding can be monitored. The test that is carried out by the C. . .(Read More)


The Dino-Lite TrichoScope is a great tool for trichoscopy, perfect for studying the scalp, hair shaft and the hair itself meticulously. There is more than fifty known causes for hair loss, and only detailed study can shed a light on the reasons. The Images produced by TrichoScope can help ide. . .(Read More)

Model: MEDL4R

The IriScope (MEDL4R) is handy, easy, to use and valuable tool for every medical practice. The IriScope has 2x2 LED's (white/yellow) that illuminate the side of the eye which reduces the reflections in the image as well as the discomfort by bright light. The yellow LED's provide better images. . .(Read More)


The PodoScope polarizer MEDLFW used by many podiatrists in order to diagnose symptoms that relate to certain diseases of the foot, namely, rheumatism, diabetes mellitus, knee and back disorder or other malfunction of the foot are all within the scope of the podiatrist. The changes in the ski. . .(Read More)