A Sturdy and reliable stand solution is a must-have for your high precision Dino-Lite digital microscope. A broad range of stands, caps, microscope tables and other accessories is offered. All original Dino-Lite accessories are made at the same high quality design and construction level.

Model: MS35B/ MS35BE

MS35B is a stable and versatile pole stand provides an extremely flexible stand solution for the Dino-Lite microscope range. The focus block is positioned along the vertical pole and at its maximum height enables a working distance of 23cm. A fine focus wheel on the side of the focus block pr. . .(Read More)

Model: MS36B/ MS36BE

MS36B/ MS36BE is a stable metal stand, vertical and horizontal positioning.This stable and versatile stand utilizes an adjustable sliding horizontal arm with up to 32cm reach and 360 degree rotational capability, making it ideal for inspection applications where the ability to extend out over. . .(Read More)

Model: MS15X-S1

The MS15X-S1 X-Y base with removable rotating table, provides an excellent solution for applications that require fine X-Y and/or rotational control over the tested sample. Using the rotating table, the MS15X-S1, confers a 50mm diameter platform with 360 degrees of rotation and a control over. . .(Read More)

Model: MS33W

The MS33W is a Gooseneck desktop stand, with fine focus capability.This stylish desk stand provides a steady mount for the Dino-Lite range of USB digital microscopes. The 30cm articulated arm can be bent and convoluted into many positions. The MS33W stand also includes a fine focus adjustment. . .(Read More)

Model: MS23B

The MS23B is a desktop clamp with flexible gooseneck that can be clamped to a desktop, or to other surface with a thickness of up to 3cm. The stand arm length is 35cm and can easily be manipulated into almost any viewing position.

Model: MS52B/ MS52BA2

The MS52B is a jointed articulating flex-arm type stand with holster for use with the Dino-Lite hand held digital microscopes. The precise machine crafted components provide smooth adjustment and unlimited horizontal positioning in a well-balanced ergonomic design. The MS52B can be well and s. . .(Read More)

Model: RK-10A

The Dino-Lite RK-10A is a sturdy and stable high-end stand solution that can be used with all the professional Dino-Lite models. It is constructed of resilient stainless steel and lightweight aluminum and offers a very precise fine-focus adjustment as well as a quick release function.The quic. . .(Read More)