A Comprehensive range of kits for nucleic acid purification, clinical sample collection and stabilization, based on outstanding and high performance technology platforms. STRATEC Molecular provides a broad range of superior products for molecular diagnostics, drug discovery and life science research applications.A full range of products; more than 120 DNA/RNA isolation systems A broad selection of products for high throughput and automated sample processing. Many Products that developed and ma. . .(Read More)

Preparations of pure genomic DNA preformed using a wide variety of biological and diagnostic samples, including blood, tissue, body fluids, swab material, cultured cells, yeast, bacteria, plant and food. The kits cover common techniques, such as binding on membranes or carriers to purify the . . .(Read More)

Preparations of pure viral RNA and DNA are the basis of modern molecular diagnostic assays. Purifications of nucleic acids from pathogens starting from clinical samples such as blood, tissue, swabs, saliva, serum, plasma and fecal samples. Optimized solutions for the preparation of viral DNA . . .(Read More)

Isolation of high quality viral DNA and RNA from diverse range of clinical samples starting materials, such as bacterial pellets, tissue samples, paraffin embedded tissue, blood, cell- free body fluids, urine, stool, saliva, sputum and swabs.The kits using the RTP® technology provide an Extra. . .(Read More)