The most gentle way to treat proteins, Dialysis tool for small sample volumes. Rebuffering, Desalting, Protein Renaturation, Equilibrium Dialysis

Xpress Micro DialyzerRebuffering, Desalting, Protein Renaturation, Equilibrium dialysisDifferent Cutoffs 3.5/ 6-8/ 12-14 kDaXpress Equillibrium DialyserFast Dialysis for small Sample Volumes; Patented design combines ease of use, versatility, reliability and accuracyXpress Midi Protein A Colu. . .(Read More)

Protein A bound on micro filter.Antibody Purification; Detection and purification of human IgG1, and 2, IgG2a, IgG2b, or IgG3 from mice.Thekit contains 2 to 96 high-quality Abicap Protein A Sepharose Columns. Column volume (CV): 50 µl pH range: 2-10