The Dino-Lite digital microscope and DinoEye microscope eyepiece camera range offers multiple connectivity options including USB models for PC or Mac and TV or VGA models for computerless operation. Specialist illumination options, numerous magnification and working distance configurations and a wide range of racks and accessories ensures that there is a Dino-Lite range offers solutions to meet your needs.The Dino-Eye eyepiece cameras bring the power of Dino-Lite to your existing microscope by s. . .(Read More)

The Dino-Lite Basic range offers high quality VGA (640x480) resolution imaging for cost sensitive applications; these models are most recommended for education and learning.

THE INDUSTRY STANDARD IN PROFESSIONAL USB DIGITAL MICROSCOPES The Dino-Lite professional range offers crystal clear 1.3MP imaging (1280X 1024) allowing exceptional detail to be Viewed and captured.The standard models are suitable for a variety of applications; with magnification of up to x200. . .(Read More)

The Dino Lite high resolution models, with resolution of 5M pixel (up to 2592x1944).The high resolution models are provided with high performance image sensor, excellent optics, low noise electronic design and robust metal housing ensure industry leading quality and performance.All models wit. . .(Read More)

The Dino-Lite Edge series provides superior image quality and outstanding flexibility in use for professional applications. The high-quality optics provide a very sharp, bright and natural color image with very low aberration and vignetting. The adaptable and exchangeable caps provide for eve. . .(Read More)

Many specialized applications in science, forensics, industry, engineering or in the medical field, require special lighting. For many specific applications Dino-Lite models were designed with an ultraviolet lighting, infrared lighting, fluorescent lighting or even combinations between the di. . .(Read More)

The Dino-Lite TV and Dino-Lite VGA models provide an ideal solution where computerless operation is required.

The Dino-Lite Mobile is a combination of the Dino-Lite digital microscope with the new D15 portable recorder with 5" LCD screen. The tethered design allows the microscope to locate independently from the display, provided more flexible approach than other products on the market.The product Su. . .(Read More)

Based on proven Dino-Lite technology the Dino-Lite Medical range comprises models for Dermoscopy, Audiology, Trichology, and Chiropody. Inspection of the ears, mouth, eyes, and skin. There is a handheld Dino-Lite handheld model capable for each. Powered by a single USB connection (no batteri. . .(Read More)