The Dino-Lite Basic range offers high quality VGA (640x480) resolution imaging for cost sensitive applications; these models are most recommended for education and learning.

Model: AM2111

The Dino-Lite Basic AM2111 is an easy to use digital microscope that will stimulate interest and excitement for education and microscopy enthusiasts. This model enables the user to conveniently share observations under the microscope and also record them directly on a computer using friendly . . .(Read More)

Model: AM3113T

The Dino-Lite AM3113T Premier digital handheld microscope has natural color technology. The model is capable of  30fps at 640 × 480 resolutions and can magnify objects up to 200x depending on the working distance.The AM3113T model  offers all the features of the AM2111 but also provides acces. . .(Read More)