THE INDUSTRY STANDARD IN PROFESSIONAL USB DIGITAL MICROSCOPES The Dino-Lite professional range offers crystal clear 1.3MP imaging (1280X 1024) allowing exceptional detail to be Viewed and captured.The standard models are suitable for a variety of applications; with magnification of up to x200, and visibility of white light.

Model: AM4113T, AM4113ZT

Dino Lite AM4113T is the most widely used models of Dino Lite Pro range.These models offer 1.3M pixel image resolution but uses the very latest image sensor bringing with it improved color rendering and low light performance. The AM4113T is provided with a new housing, magnification lock feat. . .(Read More)

Model: AM4113TL, AM4113ZTL

As a Dino-Lite Pro model, the AM4113TL features 1.3M pixel resolution, advanced software measurement features and MicroTouch snapshot function as standard. Magnification range is between x20-x90.This model is also available with adjustable polarization that allows reflection and glare to be c. . .(Read More)

Model: AM4113T5, AM4013MT5

The Dino-Lite Pro AM4113T5 provides all the features of the standard AM413T but uses high magnification 500x optics to allow even more detailed inspection.Primarily designed for contact inspection this model offers the ideal solution where high magnification inspection is required.This model . . .(Read More)

Model: AM4113ZT4, AM4013MZT4

The Dino-Lite Pro AM4113ZT4 provides all the features of the polarizing AM413ZT but operate in higher magnification range of x430-x470 to allow even more detailed inspection.The advanced polarization feature allows reflection and glare to be controlled and makes this model the ideal choice wh. . .(Read More)